The dobro is Tab Tabscott’s musical instrument of choice. After hearing “the great Bob Briedenbach of St. Louis” playing the unique instrument over 40 years ago, Tabscott hardly missed a day without having a dobro upon his own lap. By honing his skills, he has experienced once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, having played with regional bands such as Runaway Train, Crossfire (with Kent Powell) and the Palmer Sisters, among others. Tabscott even played banjo with the Dalai Lama (“He likes to visit my island because no one bats an eye at a guy wearing a saffron robe here,” he says). The dobro-master has taught at many regional and international camps and workshops and is known for his production of such celebrated albums as Resophonics Anonymous and Behind the Barn.

View Tab's music website at:


Watch Tab Tabscott playing "Rototiller" from his album Behind the Barn.


Also (but why?) listen to three songs from the album Behind The Barn:
1) Rototiller, 2) The Shallow Grave in Darrington, 3) The Great Speckled Bird

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